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Expert chiropractic care and spine alignment in High Point, NC

Quality chiropractic care can provide a better quality of life
Chronic pain can invade every aspect of your life. Things that once gave you joy no longer do because of the cloud of pain that has descended over you. If you have chronic neck, back, or spinal pain, or if you suffer from arthritis, stenosis, or a neuromuscular condition, let our clinic help.
Whether you have pain from a chronic condition or are recovering from an injury, we can help. We also offer therapeutic modalities and nutritional support, which include recommendations for nutritional deficiencies.

At Westchester Chiropractic Clinic of High Point, NC, our chiropractic care, which includes spine alignment procedures, can help you feel better. Call us today to learn more. 

Chronic pain relief

Do you have lower back pain, neck pain, a spinal injury, or chronic pain due to arthritis, stenosis, or a neuromuscular condition? High Point's Westchester Chiropractic Clinic provides ongoing chronic pain treatments, including spine alignment. We are committed to putting you on a faster road to recovery. Let us help you correct posture and seating, improve lifting techniques, learn better sleeping positions and more. 
Pain relief and injury spine alignment treatment in High Point, NC

Recovery from injury

Sometimes a fall, faulty lifting practices, or just a funny night's sleep can negatively impact spine alignment or aggravate an old injury. Come see us at our High Point clinic and we'll do our best to help. We offer exercises that help with mobility and strength, including an activator technique and personalized exercise regimens. We also offer patients lifestyle advice to prevent the reccurrence or worsening of conditions. 
Chiropractor works on spine alignment with a patient in High Point, NC

Nutritional support

At Westchester Chiropractic Clinic, we do more than spine alignment. We offer nutritional testing to determine if there are any underlying causes for your recurrent injury or chronic pain. After our testing, our nutritional support includes providing patients with an evaluation of all findings, an explanation as to what the findings mean, and detailed recommendations for addressing any nutritional deficiency. 
Woman doing yoga stretching as spine alignment in High Point, NC
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